Sunday, 30 June 2019


As developments are speeding up, the roles of the human workforce are changing accordingly. The evolution seems to be affecting different professional sectors including the technology one. 말레이시아 카지노 What once was considered as a secure workspace, isn’t being perceived as such anymore. The rise of an artificial intelligence brought out new challenges for the basic technology-related occupations; coding, data analysis, and number crunching. With the advancements occurring rapidly and machines becoming better, faster and more accurate in their tasks, one cannot stop to wonder what roles might appear in the near future. What would be the next era?

Welcome to the imagination age

According to the experts, 모 롱고 카지노 we are entering the era in which creativity and innovation will become the primary creators of economic value – the imagination age.

It was in 1993 when Charlie Magee, an illustrator, designer, and an animator, wrote about the imagination age. Since Magee was working within the creative world, he understood early on that it will eventually become a catalyst for our economies at the same time making the process of imagination one of the most important skills among the artists.

In the past it was the linear and analytical approach, pioneered by Henry Ford, that was crucial for the survival of any particular company. Ever since then, it has been assumed that the business advantage can be found among individuals with this way of thinking, 모바일 야마토 often with backgrounds in business, engineering, and software. Though these profiles might still be essential for technology, they aren’t enough.

Far more than technological resources, it is the creativity that will make the distinction between the entrepreneurs of the 21st century and those of the past. We have to make sure we include imaginative people to help us progress and to make their part in the population more valued and acknowledged.

Understanding the human essence as a focus of the new age

Historical periods have always been defined by the products being produced at the occurring time, that way we had “Agricultural Age” or “Industrial Age”. This logistic imposes the question of goods and services that will define the imagination era.

Some say the central focus of this age will be a reflection of a human essence within our products and services which will refer to everything that inspires us, engage us or closely relates to our system of values. These are the exact aspects we tend to associate with art. The ability of intuitive understanding of humans is deeply rooted in the world of art and is not something that can be easily found in MBA classes.

What’s important to acknowledge is that art has a tendency of breaking the limits and going beyond the ordinary. 모바일 야마토 게임 It’s not just about comprehending the human essence but rather about conceptualizing a new, different world. The objective is to propose new ideas and products that will potentially mark our

This fast-changing era we are living in has brought a sensation of unpredictability. Who would have thought before about self-driven cars in 2005 or having AI analyzing, X-Ray and CT testing serving a better purpose than the work of three radiologists together?

It’s to say that the changes and developments are becoming more challenging to predict. It’s possible that 200 years ago it would have been easy to guess what would be the upcoming changes or what does the future hold. However, who can tell nowadays what will happen in 50 years from now?